How to Prevent or Reverse Underachievement

Underachievement, simply stated, is the discrepancy between potential and performance.  All of us experience this phenomenon from time to time and observe it in our children and students. Some causes are clinical issues, such as depression, perfectionism, family dynamics, or situational crises. These require professional counseling. Other causes of underachievement are curriculum-based issues, such as […]

Why Smart Kids Fail

When I was in eighth grade, my mother returned home from a parent-teacher conference with my English teacher to report: “Miss Martin said you’d do fine if you would only apply yourself more.” Back then, “not applying yourself” was the term used to explain why an otherwise “smart kid” was pulling C grades (like I […]

Dear State Board: Mind the Excellence Gaps!

This Public Comment was delivered at the Meeting of Maryland State Board of Education: Good afternoon, my name is Dr. Jeanne Paynter and I am faculty in curriculum and instruction at McDaniel College and the Executive Director of Talent Program Solutions. I am here today to talk about the gravity of Excellence Gaps and suggest […]