At Talent Program Solutions LLC we want to partner with you in educating your talented child.  We have decades of experience and expertise in designing enrichment and acceleration opportunities for students.  We love working with families to determine the best options for every child to be challenged, every day.  Our mission is educating innovators!

We believe that families, communities, and schools are education co-partners. Working together, we can educate the children that will change our world for the better.

Our services to families include educational advising, school advocacy support, workshops and seminars.  Check out our News and Events for a seminar coming near you.

Talent Program Solutions LLC can work with your child’s school to implement our inclusive Talent Development Continuum (TDC) model. If your child’s school completes our free TPS Needs Assessment it will become eligible for a free on-site consultation.

Download our free booklet, “How to Advocate for Your Child’s Talent Development.