Learning Mindsets Survey

This survey can help you identify a child’s preferred learning style. It should be completed by someone who observes the child often in learning situations at home and at school. Identifying a child’s preferred ways of learning is essential to maximizing individual potential.

Based on the survey results, you will receive a description of your child’s preferred learning style with suggestions for appropriate learning strategies.
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This survey lists learning preferences or traits that all learners may show from time to time. However, for this survey, check ONLY the traits that are VERY OFTEN observed in the child.There are four sections to the survey: A, B, C, D. Each section represents a different learning style. In each section, check ONLY those traits that are VERY OFTEN observed in your child. It is typical that one section will sound more like your child than the others.

Section A   My child very often...
Enjoys team sports, playing group games, and competition.
Would rather make or do than read or write.
Is clever at solving hands-on, practical problems.
Needs flexible time to just "play around" or socialize.
Is good at memorizing facts and details.
Is motivated by material rewards.
Is the class clown or entertainer.
Likes to learn useful things through experience.

Section B   My child very often...
Daydreams; likes to follow personal inspirations.
Enjoys fiction and fantasy literature or movies.
Has a mature sense of moral values: right vs. wrong, good vs. bad.
Is motivated by appreciation and encouragement more than material rewards.
Is described as "sensitive."
Is described as "creative."
Thrives on variety and new projects, but not on routine.
Likes to solve problems that focus on people.

Section C   My child very often...
Likes to think through ideas; weigh alternatives before acting.
Will work long and hard on ideas/projects of personal choice.
Good at solving problems through testing and experiments.
Is motivated by personal, internal standards of competence.
Questions authority/argues when something seems illogical.
Makes connections, sees patterns, "the big picture."
Likes to analyze the cause and effect of events.
Has creative, inventive ideas and theories.

Section D   My child very often...
Is on time, prepared, and follows the rules.
Likes a regular schedule and routine.
Is good at remembering facts and dates.
Thrives when learning has a practical application/use.
Is motivated by clear expectations, fairness, and respect.
Wants time to practice and improve skills; repetition.
Works in a steady, step-by-step pace.
Likes the tried-and-true rather than the new.

Now that you have completed all four learning style sections, go back and review youranswers before you submit. Be sure that the traits you have checked are STRONGLY TRUE.

You may deselect or select answers.

When you are satisfied with your answers, hit SUBMIT. You will receive an email from Talent Program Solutions LLC with the title Learning Style Survey Results.