The mission of schools is to maximize the potential of every student to become a successful contributor in our 21st century world.  This means that today schools must educate for innovation, the process of transforming our world for the better.

Are we missing our mission?

Every child comes to school with unique talent and unlimited potential to be discovered and developed.  Yet, research shows that some students come to school in September but don’t learn anything new until January.  These students languish in our classrooms, waiting for others to catch up.  Other students are underachieving and not engaged in school.  Their talents remain hidden because our current classroom curriculum doesn’t spark their interests and learning styles.  We need new resources to challenge these students.

What is our answer?

Educating Innovators partners with schools and families to create educational experiences that challenge every child, every day.  Our mission is educating innovators. We focus on motivating students by engaging their individual interests and learning styles.

We represent decades of experience and expertise in developing and implementing talent development programs P-12, designing curriculum enrichment and acceleration opportunities for students, and professional learning for educators and families.

Talent-Targeted Teaching and Learning is a brain-based model for talent development that fosters students’ content expertise, metacognition, and creative problem solving abilities.

All of us have talent potential, capacities or aptitudes that can be developed.  An aptitude is a particular fitness, a natural inclination, which may not yet be expressed, but can be trained.  The focus on aptitude reflects the dynamic nature of talent.

Aptitudes like creativity, logical reasoning, persistence, and leadership undergird achievement across disciplines.  Other aptitudes support achievement in specific fields, such as the Humanities and STEM.