Talent Program Solutions LLC School Needs Assessment

How would your school benefit from partnering with Talent Program Solutions LLC? Complete this free TPS Needs Assessment to receive a personal profile of your school’s success in challenging every child, every day. Schools that complete the TPS Needs Assessment will become eligible for a free onsite consultation!
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1. Our school program provides challenging opportunities for students at every ability level.
2. Parents in our school community have requested that we offer curriculum extensions above the regular grade-level program.
3. Our teachers have expertise in extending and enriching the grade-level program for students who show mastery.
4. Our school currently offers a gifted and talented, honors or Advanced Placement program.
5. Our school regularly examines our student assessment data in order to implement interventions for students who are advanced.
6. Our school has students who are underachieving (have documented ability but don't achieve at that level).
7. Our school has students who are bright but disengaged (evidenced by poor motivation, acting out behaviors).
8. Our school has access to advanced curriculum materials (above grade level).
9. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is a focus at our school.
10. Our teachers regularly engage in professional development in differentiation for students with different learning levels and learning styles.
11. Critical and creative thinking and problem solving strategies are integrated across our curriculum.
12. I believe that our school could do more to challenge the students who are advanced.
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